A Trip To The Past

Robert was delighted his dentist Dr. James Cornell asked him if he would be willing to paint a Spirit Bear for the B.C. Lions Society.  Dr. Trevor Miranda and Dr. Anita Voisin also came in on the project and now Dr. Miranda is our optometrist.  Robert enjoyed painting on a seven foot fiberglass bear. Robert's goal with the bear was that all that saw "Robeartoe" (as the fiberglass bear was affectionately named) would smile and feel happier than before they saw Robeartoe.

This image is of one of Robert architectural ceramics.  The size of this image is about 36 x 24 inches.  Robert created each of the pieces, fired and glazed them and then assembled the entire image.

A black and white image from the Cowichan News Leader a local newspaper.  There are four people in the picture and one painting.

This image is from the 2005 Art-A-Fair.  The people in the photo are Eugene Smith holding the tenor 4 string guitar, Janet Docherty holding some of her wonderful Merridale Cider, Pipi Tustian artist holding some of her brushes, (she is also Robert's sister, and Robert holding a paint brush in his mouth.  Art-A-Fair is an event that has live music playing while local artist sell their creations.  It was a fun and exciting art fair.

Here is an image of Robert from 1993.  He is holding on to  one of his ceramic hand built platters that he then painted with acrylic and oil paint.  Robert is all dressed up because he was taking family and friends out to Sushi in a Limousine.

Robert knew that his earrings would be advertised in the Province newspaper on March 26th 1987.  Robert was excited when he bought the paper on March 26, and his earrings made the front page!  Then he noticed that he and his friend Alice Warren were on the front page also looking at the car wreck.  Robert wasn't expecting that, Robert and Alice are standing by the front window of the red car.  Robert is waering a brown leather jacket and Alice is wearing a red suit with white collar.  Can you find them?  Have a great life!

This is the image of a display card that Robert sold thousands of porcelian earrings on.

Robert made tens of thousands of earrings in four years. This card was used to display the earrings in stores.

Rainy Day was a band Robert played in with his two best buddies Doug Grey and Jack Mants. After many years of playing with Rainy Day, Robert joined a already formed band that needed a bass player the band was called "Homer". The band members of "Homer" were, Tim Thorney, rhythm & lead guitar player and vocals, Frank Staff lead guitar and rhythm, and Brian Hussey was the drummer. Once Robert joined this band the three front men were over six feet two inches with Robert rounding out the pack at an empressive 6' 7". It was quite an experience for Robert being with large and larger than life band mates. It was quite a challange for Robert to learn all of "Homer's" song list as they had been together for many years. Homer even had a manager Kim Zayak. They had great times together playing many venues from bars to a Winnipeg penitentary Stony Mountain. Hopefully we can get some pictures of the old band and we will put them on the web site.

Robert, Doug and Jack playing with friends in the early days.

This is a visual history page of Robert's life. We will be adding more images from the past as time goes by. We hope you enjoy it.


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